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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tag: The Book Blogger Test

This is my very first tag post. I wasn't tagged by anyone but I thought it would be fun. The rules are simple: Answer the following questions and tag five book bloggers.

The Book Blogger Test 

1. What Are Your Top Three Bookish Pet Peeves?
  • Good books with crappy endings.
  • Authors that try to squeeze romance in even though it would've worked just fine without it.
  • Every single author nowadays writes and I quote "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding." I don't care what genre you're reading, it will ALWAYS be there.
2. Describe Your Perfect Reading Spot. 

I read everywhere, but my perfect reading spot would be in a comfy chair or on my bed. Anywhere soft really. And I prefer reading somewhere slightly dark. 

3. Tell us three book confessions.
  • I'm currently writing a novel that I would love to get published.
  • I wish the people around me would start reading someday. It gets really lonely.
  • I would love to open my own bookstore/library one day.

4. When Was The Last Time You Cried During A Book.

I don't cry. 

5. How Many Books Are On Your Bedside Table.

My whole ebook library. So like a hundred and something, but I have one physical book on my bedside table.

6. What is Your Favorite Snack Whilst Reading.

Usually cookies. Sometimes a sandwich of some sort, and of course something to drink.

7. Name Three Books You Would Recommend To Everyone.
  • The Book Thief 
  • The Archived
  • The Color Purple
8. Show Us A Picture of Your Favorite Bookshelf From Your Bookcase.

I didn't dedicate a whole shelf to my favorite books since I feel that I haven't read enough books to have a lot of favorites.

9. Write How Much Books Mean To You In Just Three Words.

Magic. Happiness. Miracle.

10. What Is Your Biggest Reading Secret.

I don't really have a reading secret but probably 80% of people I know in real life don't really know I LOVE to read let alone run a blog.